Yo Dabba Dabba Titanium eNail

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An eNail is a no-brainer. Removing the need for a torch is a huge upgrade in overall experience. No more worrying about overheating your banger or burning up your concentrates, and no more buying butane. No butane means it’s a chemical-free experience that will showcase the true taste of your concentrates. 

Another huge benefit is total temperature control with optimal convenience: You can set the digital display box to your desired temperature and take multiple dabs without having to reheat your nail. 

Our kits include a titanium nail, coil, carb cap and digital control box with a power cord. All you need is a rig. Simply assemble your kit by placing the coil on your nail and into your rig, next power on the control box, set your temperature, and get dabbing. Fits 10mm, 14mm & 18mm male & female. 

Note - Upgrade to the Hybrid eNail Specifically designed to bring tasty, potent dabs to the masses, this state-of-the-art e-nail component kit is not only gentle on your wallet but will transform your rig into a true dabbing experience. 

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